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QSC AG: The Digitiser of the German SME Segment

Digitisation is now finding its way into core processes at all companies. Medium-sized companies in particular face significant challenges here. In the past it was just individual sectors, such as book retail or the music industry, that were affected, but these days virtually all industries are obliged to address digitisation.

There is currently much discussion of the risks involved in this change. And yet these are clearly outweighed by the benefits. To seize the resultant opportunities, however, companies have to implement specific measures and adapt to the new framework. QSC supports medium-sized companies on this journey into the digital age.

The process of digitisation does not happen overnight – the transformation is rather made step by step. QSC accompanies its customers along this path. In this, QSC can draw on decades of experience and expertise in its Cloud, Consulting, Outsourcing and Telecommunications businesses. It also benefits from its proven and new technologies – many of which are the results of its own innovation – and its uncompromising aim to satisfy corporate customers on a basis of partnership. TÜV and ISO-certified data centres in Germany and a nationwide all-IP network provide the basis for maximum end-to-end security and quality.

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Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits at QSC AG

Germany has around 82,000 providers of IT services. Of these, around 80,000 (approx. 98 percent) are smaller, regional companies offering basic or specialist services. Digitisation relates not only to information technology, specific software or an individual server, however, but is a process which affects all areas of a company through to fundamental changes in its business model. Only a small number of one-stop providers have the expertise and experience needed to perform end-to-end services and assume responsibility towards the customer. Well-known major providers often lack the necessary agility and pragmatic entrepreneurial approach to solutions.QSC can offer its customers longstanding experience, the full range of IT and TC services and the key strengths of a medium-sized player – agility and reliability.

More than ever before, information technology now forms the basis for uncomplicated, rapid business process handling and for communications between business partners. It is important here to overcome the apparent contradiction between user-friendliness on the one hand and suitable levels of security on the other.

QSC can offer precisely this security. It operates its entire telecommunications infrastructure and all of its data centres in Germany and is therefore subject to this country’s strict legal requirements. Not only that, our employees can draw on the longstanding experience they have gained with customers who accord great importance to security, such as DATEV eG.

Digitisation is not an end in itself. Company IT managers face the challenge of offering agile support for ever new business processes while at the same time cutting costs. To achieve this, in-house IT environments have to be combined with innovative applications from professional cloud providers. QSC provides the customer with the IT environment and platform most suitable for this purpose.

QSC itself not only offers traditional products and services, but also provides innovative, state-of-the-art technologies. The extensive portfolio available in the Cloud, Internet of Things, Consulting, Telecommunications and Colocation business units guarantees that customers make the right choice for their individual situations. It also ensures that the necessary migration to the digital age can be executed step by step.

Telecommunications, and information technology in particular, have witnessed enormous developments in recent years. And the pace of digitisation is accelerating further. Many medium-sized customers are asking themselves: What are the benefits of having a digitisation strategy? What do I have to watch out for when implementing such a strategy? Are we using the right technology? Do we have the right people?

QSC supports medium-sized companies in finding the right answers for their needs.

Many of QSC’s medium-sized customers are themselves entrepreneurs who have to put in peak performance every day to succeed in increasingly competitive environments. Our customers expect the same dedication from their service providers. Competence convinces them and permanently professional services create trust. QSC’s employees have precisely this competence and commitment, as well as the mindset needed to channel all of their energies into helping our customers each and every day. Corporate customers watch the price, but pay even closer attention to quality. QSC has firmly anchored this requirement in its corporate culture.

Business Units

Business Units at QSC AG

QSC AG operates in five business units:

  • Cloud
  • Consulting
  • Outsourcing
  • Telecommunications
  • Colocation

The Cloud segment is of great strategic importance to QSC AG. Anyone wishing to survive in the digitised economy will need highly agile, integrated and secure IT that offers the best possible support for both traditional and digital processes. The Pure Enterprise Cloud provides exactly that – it has a modular structure and offers all key IT functions from a single source. Not only that, it also pools various cloud worlds for its customers on a single platform. This is all intended to support companies in gradually transitioning to the digital age.
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The Internet of Things (IoT) enables things, systems and production processes to communicate with each other on the internet, and that directly, securely and in real time. With its Q-loud subsidiary, QSC provides a full-stack offering including transformation consulting, software and hardware competence, standard hardware and a leading IoT platform offered by German providers. If desired, Q-loud can also manufacture the smart products involved. In these activities, the company naturally meets the utmost security standards.
Please also see https://www.qsc.de/q-loud/

The Consulting segment assumes a key role when it comes to digitisation. Here, QSC is relying above all on SAP’s proven yet forward-looking technologies and has assumed a pioneering role in SAP HANA consulting and operations in particular. As a longstanding, certified SAP partner, QSC supports more than 100 companies in the retail, consumer goods, logistics, energy, plant construction and engineering industries. QSC’s services are supplemented by the consulting it provides for Microsoft applications, such as SharePoint, Skype for Business and Azure. Anyone looking for support in managing heterogeneous cloud worlds, and especially public, private and multi-cloud scenarios, will also find expert advice at QSC.
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Telecommunications is the fourth pillar of QSC’s portfolio. The services provided here are based on QSC’s nationwide All-IP network infrastructure and high-performance backbone. Drawing on years of experience in an extremely competitive environment, QSC will be able to operate a top-performing nationwide network both efficiently and effectively in future as well. Proprietary network operations guarantee sovereignty and control and provide the scope to intervene where necessary. This means that QSC can guarantee end-to-end quality in operating its Cloud and TC services.
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One absolutely crucial factor as companies increasingly digitise their activities is the ability to draw on a secure and flexible IT infrastructure. The Colocation business unit offers racks and cages through to virtualised solutions. The portfolio of services is supplemented by management packages and security concepts. All these services are based on QSC’s proprietary high-performing and secure data centres in Germany, which are TÜV and ISO-certified and connected to each other via a high-performance infrastructure. Links to other European countries are provided in the form of more than 600 peering points.
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Sales at QSC AG

The business units at QSC AG have both direct and indirect sales and marketing channels and focus in each case on medium-sized corporate customers in Germany.

Direct Sales has well-trained key account teams who primarily address medium-sized companies with 200 IT workplaces upwards. Corporate customers with up to around 5,000 IT workplaces receive all-round support in line with their requirements on the basis of QSC’s existing business fields. For companies with more than 5,000 IT workplaces and which generally have their own very large IT departments, QSC represents an attractive, high-performance alternative to large providers with a more international focus. In select areas in particular, such as multi-cloud services, location networking or SAP operations, QSC is an excellent addition for companies that for strategic reasons operate select applications themselves or work with several providers.

Indirect Sales focuses on corporate customers with 50 to 200 workplaces. Here, QSC has for many years worked well and successfully with more than 350 sales partners, more than 150 internet service providers (ISPs) and both national and international carriers. These cooperations are supplemented with select technology partners.

Furthermore, QSC has also long supported large providers that due to their positioning primarily target private customers. Here, select products are drawn on that are then marketed by the partners under their own names and brands.