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QSC AG: The digitalisation specialist for medium-sized German companies

Digitalisation has arrived at small to medium-sized companies and is changing them. Digitalisation creates new business models, accelerates innovation cycles, makes internal processes more efficient, optimises customer relationships and supports acquisition. At the same time, the demands that customers and employees are making of products and services are increasing. They expect to receive personal service at an ever-quicker pace irrespective of the time of day or where they are located. However, because companies are forced to continue to operate efficiently and conserve resources, only the successive introduction of digital processes enables them to maintain their competitive footing for the future!

This means that IT is taking on a new role in the company. Gone are the days of being a pure service provider. Today, corporate IT needs to act as a strategic driver for innovation!

This is exactly where QSC AG supports its customers with its portfolio that consistently focuses on medium-sized companies. QSC advises, designs, implements and operates every digitalisation process conceivable in the areas of cloud and IT outsourcing, Internet of Things, SAP, telecommunications and colocation on behalf of and in partnership with its customers.

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Customer Benefits

Customer Benefits at QSC AG

In recent years, development in information technology has been rapid and the pace of digitalisation continues to increase. Many small and medium-sized enterprises are asking themselves the following questions: Where is the monetary benefit of digitalisation to be found? What do I need to take notice of during the implementation? Do I have the right resources at hand?

QSC offers them precisely the right know-how and adapts itself fully to the specific requirements of its medium-sized enterprise customers. QSC is a medium-sized company itself and knows that medium-sized enterprises, in particular, have to deliver top performance every day in order to succeed in the increasingly competitive environment. And this is exactly what they expect from their service partners as well.

The whole QSC team has set out to meet these expectations and serve its customers quickly, reliably and competently, day-in, day-out. This sense of responsibility dovetails with the responsibility of its customers and creates mutual trust - the trust to set out on the path towards digitalisation with QSC.

Business Fields

The QSC AG business fields

QSC has divided its portfolio into five business units that are directly responsible for technology, product development and sales. Each of these units is also responsible for its own revenues and earnings. This vertical structure allows QSC to respond quickly and in an agile and focussed manner to the specific requirements of the five specialist fields the units address.

Each business unit has its own sales specialists and the respective sales departments work together with partners depending on the sub-market being targeted. The telecommunications unit in particular has been working effectively and successfully with 230 distribution partners, 150 Internet service providers (ISPs) and national and international carriers for many years.

Selected technology partners that specialise in the sub-markets targeted supplement these cooperations.

Common to all the units is QSC's focus on companies with 200 to 5,000 IT workplaces; Plusnet GmbH also targets smaller companies with above 50 IT workplaces through its distribution partners.

Companies form the focus here whose corporate IT has or wants to take on a strategic function, but that are not big enough to be able to maintain all their proprietary IT knowledge in-house.

The five business units are:

Cloud Services & IT-Outsourcing
Internet of Things & Industry 4.0
SAP Services & Consulting
Broadband, All-IP & Network Services
Colocation & Virtual Data Centre

The business unit of Cloud Services & IT-Outsourcing stands for both conventional IT services in all aspects of corporate IT, as well as cloud-based services. Companies are supplied with all key IT functions in the form of outsourcing services or as turnkey cloud modules. Here, multi-cloud scenarios connect individual private clouds with tried-and-tested public clouds. State-of-the-art data security is a matter of course here: QSC operates all its IT services exclusively at proprietary German data centres. Cloud Services & IT-Outsourcing

QSC has spun off its activities in the area of Internet of Things & Industry 4.0 to its subsidiary Q-loud. Q-loud delivers a full-stack offering comprised of consulting, software and hardware expertise, underpinned by a leading IoT platform. On request, Q-loud also manages the production of smart products and uses simple means under the keyword "retrofit" to makes existing devices fit for digitalisation. Q-loud is particularly active in intelligent energy management and predictive maintenance.
For more information, please visit https://www.qsc.de/q-loud/

The segment SAP Services & Consulting plays a key role in digitalisation. QSC relies on both equally proven and future-oriented technologies from SAP here; QSC has played a pioneering role, especially in consulting and operation for SAP S/4HANA. As a long-time SAP Certified Partner, QSC provides support to companies, especially those from the trade, consumer goods and logistics sectors. QSC takes over the development and operation of the respective SAP applications here. For more information, please see SAP Services & Consulting

The Broadband, All-IP & Network Services business unit makes up the telecommunications business end of QSC and bundles it together in Plusnet GmbH. Underpinned by a proprietary nationwide network infrastructure and high-performance backbone, Plusnet offers high-quality voice and data services coupled with the operation of all broadband technologies. Plusnet also connects third-party networks via its open access platform and also covers their entire operation if required. For more information, please see Breitband, All-IP & Network Services

A secure and flexible IT infrastructure is a must on the path to digitalisation. The offering from the Colocation & Virtual Data Centre business unit ranges from racks and cages to virtualised solutions, with the portfolio rounded off by management packages and security concepts. The basis for this: proprietary TÜV and ISO-certified, high-performance and secure data centres in Germany, interconnected by a high-performance infrastructure. Over 600 peering points guarantee a connection to other European countries.
For more information, please see Colocation & Virtual Data Centre