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The QSC AG Quality Policy

Quality forms the basis of all our business activities at QSC AG. We aspire to satisfy our customers fully in terms of quality. As a medium-sized service partner, we encounter our customers on an equal footing, get to know their objectives better and better through continuous dialogue and respond to their individual needs. Everyone makes a contribution here, from the executive board right down to each and every employee. Implementing the QSC AG Quality Policy therefore comprises part of the working principles of each employee. The framework associated with this is compulsory, and is communicated to each and every employee and continuously reviewed. Respect and appreciation of our customers, partners and co-workers also forms part of this framework.

As a digitalisation partner for medium-sized enterprises, we have a direct influence on the quality of our customers' performance and their business processes. Safety and compliance with the legal framework forms an integral part of our quality standards and the promise we make to our customers.

We expect every one of our employees to commit themselves fully to the quality standards in place at QSC AG. By continuously improving and enhancing our business processes, we increase efficiency, safeguard our profitability and meet our quality standards. To achieve this, we also need to constantly develop and train all of our employees' skills in customer and quality-focussed thought and action.

The executive board and senior management are role models for their employees in this respect and support them by formulating clear and achievable objectives.

We regularly review the performance and effectiveness of our quality management system within the framework of our DIN EN ISO 9001ff certification and by professionally handling the results we attain from regular customer surveys.