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The QSC Portfolio for ISPs & Carriers Customized and Reliable

The QSC portfolio provides Internet service providers and national and international carriers with solutions based on all standard technologies to meet every customer requirement. QSC is one of the five largest national carriers and has operated its own NGN network in Germany since 2006. It thus has outstanding expertise and many years of experience in the field of network interconnections.

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Details Portfolio for ISPs & Carriers




QSC offers you products that we provide to you as L2TP traffic via our own IP platform. Here, IP sessions are transported between QSC and your network as a PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) within a Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP). PPPoE is used as a layer-2 protocol for the access service.

The products we offer you:

  • SHDSL connections
  • ADSL connections
  • WLL radio relay connections
  • Fixed connection lines based on Deutsche Telekom AG or alternative carriers
  • DSL connections in areas served by Deutsche Telekom AG
  • Mobile client solutions
  • Termination and transport


Ethernet Secure Connection of Local Area Networks (LAN)

Using its own next-generation network (NGN), QSC offers you products provided to you via Ethernet. Here, Ethernet frames are transported transparently via a VPLS platform in the QSC NGN. The Ethernet product range has 2 variants and is available as a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint solution.

  • Point-to-Multipoint:
    Individual VPLS instances are provided and forwarded separately in different VLANs. Site connections can then be switched for each individual instance.
  • Point-to-Point:
    With the Etherw@y-Line range of products, we provide you with point-to-point Ethernet transmission routes.



As one of the few carriers to do so, QSC continues to offer ISPs and carriers connected to its network ATM-based wholesale products for end customers.

The products we offer you:

  • SHDSL connections
  • Leased lines (E1)

Voice Termination

InterconnectionVoice Termination in Fixed and Mobile Networks

QSC AG is your partner for all termination services. As a national and international carrier, you can access all voice networks in Germany via the QSC network. Terminate your traffic to national and international fixed and mobile networks via QSC:

We offer the best voice quality and cost structure.

Our network includes:

  • Network interconnections in all local catchment areas with Deutsche Telekom
  • Direct interconnects to national mobile, fixed line, and cable network operators
  • Many network connections with regional and local exchange carriers
  • Interconnects with a range of different international carriers

As a customer you will benefit from:

  • Possibilities for interconnects throughout Germany
  • The option of NGN or TDM network interconnection
  • Geographically redundant network connections
  • Favorable cost structure due to low wholesale prices and flexible pricing models
  • Optimum connection quality through direct termination to numerous local exchange carriers
  • Failsafe due to overflow routing solutions in a high-availability network
  • International termination exclusively via premium/high-quality routes, specially for end/business customers
  • High quality customer service and your own contact persons

Are you a carrier or voice network operator and want to terminate minutes per month? Then you can contact us here to get your own individual quotation.

We will also be happy to draw up a customized business model with you.


ADSL2+The Internet Access Solution For Your Private Customers

QSC is the right partner to help you provide Internet access to your private customers.

You too can benefit from our many years of experience as a telecommunications service provider:

  • Scalable CuDa-based wholesale products for ADSL2+ connections
  • Low maintenance costs through established operation of interface to wholesale suppliers
  • Optimal support for issues relating to all telecommunications processes and established implementation procedures as well as for operational challenges
  • Maximum transparency of systems to best support your private customer business
  • Ordering via high-performance, scalable interfaces
  • Support for all types of procedure for switching provider

Telephone Numbers

Telephone NumbersOffer Your Customers Personalized Geographical Numbers

Do you also want to offer your customers telephone numbers but have no porting identifier of your own? Using our own network, we can offer you the right solution for your needs.

We provide the geographical phone numbers and terminate the voice minutes via SIP trunking to the public telephone network:

  • Provision of telephone numbers: immediate availability and automated provision of geographic, individual telephone numbers and number blocks from all of Germany's 5200 local networks
    - With optional emergency call functionality provided by QSC
  • Voice termination to the national and international telephone network with a high level of routing quality and favorable termination charges

Outwardly, you have a market presence as an LEC – We host your NGN porting identifier

You benefit from fast, low-cost entry to the NGN market. You can combine the services we take charge of for you from our modular system:

  • Hosting of the NGN porting identifier on QSC's NGN network
  • Exchange of porting data for the virtual LEC by QSC *
  • Accessibility from all networks
  • Assumption of responsibility for additional LEC services (optional)
    • Voice termination
    • Emergency call

Find out more about virtual LEC here

Benefit from QSC's highly scalable network options and optimize your costs while providing the optimal package to your customers.

You can of course, discuss and implement a customized business model with us.

Managed Network Services

Managed Network ServicesGreater Cost-Efficiency, Quality, and Flexibility through External Network Operation

For telecommunications service providers with their own network, we offer network and network operation services to optimize your costs as well as added support services. This frees up space for conducting essential business. As a wholesale service provider with many years of experience in the operation of our own next-generation network, we can offer you wholesale products for different stages in the value-added process. We can also find the solution that fits your individual needs perfectly.

The key services we offer are:

  • Providing specialist expertise, for example for migrating to IPv6 or next-generation networks, planning and designing telecommunications networks, and network operation services, e.g. monitoring outside business hours, system operation, (sub) networks
  • Operational support solutions such as WBCI and TR-069/ACS
  • Network sharing such as colocation center sharing, NICA, backbone, and MDF connections
  • Assumption of responsibility for legal compliance as an Internet service provider and local exchange carrier, e.g. in terms of monitoring measures and fraud management

N-ICA – The network connection port for NGN telecommunications interconnections

  • You have agreed an NGN interconnection with Deutsche Telekom
  • QSC offers shared use of collocation facilities in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt, as well as the supply of transmission routes of N-ICA to your technical sites.

WBCI - The automated interface for number porting and line takeover

  • You do not need the interface certificate
  • QSC takes over responsibility for the technical aspects of interconnection
  • You are actively involved in the rollout of the WBCI interface on the telecommunications market and in your own use of the WBCI
  • Technical aspects of connection to the largest network operators and end-customer contractors on the market

Plusnet Virtual LEC


With Plusnet Virtual LEC in the NGN (next-generation network), providers of telecommunications services and resellers can quite easily get their own phone numbers with their own individual porting identifier: QSC provides a complete, one-stop solution.

Compared with setting up your own voice network, Plusnet Virtual LEC significantly reduces initial outlay, and there is longer any need for investment in or service agreements for your own network technology. You also no longer have to do the difficult negotiation for the key interconnection agreements (IC agreements) for facilitating communication with other networks. Additionally, there is no need for your own porting database, as the exchange of porting data can take place via QSC as the operator.

  • Hosting of the NGN porting identifier on QSC's NGN network
  • Exchange of porting data for the virtual LEC by QSC *
  • Accessibility from all networks
  • Assumption of responsibility for additional LEC services (optional)


  • No contractual relationships with Deutsche Telekom
  • No contracts of your own with other network operators
  • Faster entry to the NGN market as an LEC
  • Presence on the market as a stand-alone LEC with your own porting identifier
  • Receipt of a share of termination charges
  • Your own telephone numbers

* All rights and responsibilities arising from the allocation rules rest with the virtual LEC

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OUr Partners

Many partners have aready placed their trust in QSC AG, including IT and telecommunications service providers, resellers, system vendors, systems integrators, service providers, and carriers.

There are many good reasons to place your trust in a partnership with QSC. This overview of satisfied QSC partners is intended as an aid in helping you decide to choose us. Why not take a look - you can then make up your own mind!

Three QSC sale partners provide their account of why QSC AG is a strong partner: TELETO, who sell QSC's MPLS structures; Amian & Witzel, who sell voice products and tengo centraflex; and our exclusive partner Nouvelle Com, who offer QSC products only.

Sales Partners and System Vendors

Value Added Resellers and System Vendors


We offer IT and telecommunications service providers and system vendors premium products that meet the highest standards of quality and service demanded by your customers. QSC AG prefers to support small and medium-sized enterprises through its sales partners.

We offer resellers, system vendors, and systems integrators a modular range of different wholesale products for creating their own bespoke solutions to meet any customer requirement.

We offer national and international ISPs and carriers with their own network Internet access products, voice services, and data connections from a single provider.

This is where the global players in the telecommunications industry come together.

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