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The QSC Portfolio for Value-Added Resellers Modular Wholesale Products from a Single Provider

As a value-added reseller, you will find a comprehensive range of ICT solutions for your customers in the QSC portfolio. What is so special about us is that we offer one-stop, end-to-end solutions: we have every building block in our portfolio, from cloud services to access services.

You get attractive, modular wholesale products that can be integrated into your own product portfolio.

Benefit from a voice and data offering covering almost all of Germany. This is achieved with our own DSL/radio relay network, our state-of-the-art IP-based voice data network (NGN), which we have been operating throughout Germany since 2006, and through wholesale products that fall outside our own area of availability.

  • Access
    High quality Internet connections based on various technologies more
  • Voice
    Flexible, scalable, IP-based voice products more
  • Cloud Services
    Scalable ICT services from the cloud: anywhere, flexible, easy more
  • Managed Network Services
    Network services for different stages in the value-added process more

From our comprehensive range of products, you can choose the wholesale products to combine to create bespoke solutions to meet any customer requirement.

With QSC's network services, telecommunications service providers can optimize their network operation, perform network sharing, or even become a virtual network operator.

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Details Portfolio for Value-Added Resellers


Access Products

Access Products for Value-Added ResellersHigh-performance Internet connections

High-availability Internet connections with bandwidths to suit all requirements and any business. We can offer you a wide range of connection options based on various technologies as well as a high level of geographical availability.

  • SHDSL connections
  • ADSL connections
  • WLL radio relay connections
  • LL connections in areas served by Deutsche Telekom AG or other carriers
  • DSL connections in areas served by Deutsche Telekom AG

The access products can be easily combined with all QSC "voice-ready" voice products and with the entire QSC AG portfolio.

Voice Products

Voice Products for Value-Added Resellers Flexible, Scalable, IP-based Voice Products

To meet the different needs of end customers, QSC can provide you with IP-based telephony solutions.

  • IP-based S0 connections
  • IP-based S2M connections
  • IP- and SIP-based telecommunications system connections (SIP trunks)
  • With Plusnet's international resale service, you can assign international service numbers and fixed network numbers to customers with QSC voice products from a total of 116 countries and terminate calls to them via a service number platform Plusnet voice connections and services.
  • Fraud monitoring for your connections

As part of the new Plusnet resale access portfolio, QSC also offers you additional combined voice options on top of the "voice only" variants.

This enables you to offer your customers the option of using one line for voice and data and reducing voice connection costs. QSC ensures the appropriate prioritization (Quality of Service).

Cloud Services

Cloud Services for Value-Added Resellers Scalable ICT Services from the Cloud

The cloud services offered by QSC AG help your customers optimize processes and increase their efficiency by providing individually scalable solutions that meet their requirements. These services of course comply with the highest standards in terms of quality, customer service, security, and data protection. The cloud services are provided in the data centers of QSC AG, which are certified by the Technical Inspection Agency (TÜV). There is optimal protection in place for your customers' data and applications, with a failsafe system ensuring continual availability! All of our data centers are, of course, located in Germany.

The products we offer you:

  • Plusnet Resale Analyser
    The Plusnet Resale Analyser is a completely cloud-based monitoring tool that facilitates both the short-term and long-term measurement of key quality parameters such as packet run time, packet loss, and jitter between two or more points of measurement.

Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services Greater Cost-Efficiency, Quality, and Flexibility through External Network Operation

With managed network services from QSC, telecommunications service providers can present themselves on the market as network operators without having their own network. This frees up space for conducting essential business. As a wholesale service provider with many years of experience in the operation of our own next-generation network, we can offer you wholesale products for different stages in the value-added process. We can also find the solution that fits your individual needs perfectly.

The key services we offer are:

  • Providing specialist expertise, for example for migrating to IPv6 or next-generation networks, planning and designing telecommunications networks, and network operation services, e.g. monitoring outside business hours, system operation, (sub) networks
  • Operational support solutions such as WBCI and TR-069/ACS
  • Network sharing such as colocation center sharing, NICA, backbone, and MDF connections
  • Assumption of responsibility for legal compliance as an Internet service provider and local exchange carrier, e.g. in terms of monitoring measures and fraud management

N-ICA – The network connection port for NGN telecommunications interconnections

  • Deutsche Telekom AG exchange connected via NGN to collocation areas in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt
  • Termination to customers via rental of collocation space
  • No contractual negotiation with Deutsche Telekom AG*

*apart from consent to shared use of QSC collocation space

WBCI - The automated interface for number porting and line takeover

  • You do not need the interface certificate
  • QSC takes over responsibility for the technical aspects of interconnection
  • You are actively involved in the rollout of the WBCI interface on the telecommunications market and in your own use of the WBCI
  • Technical aspects of connection to the largest network operators and end-customer contractors on the market

Plusnet Virtual LECOperating as a Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) without your Own Infrastructure

With Plusnet Virtual LEC in the NGN (next-generation network), providers of telecommunications services and resellers can quite easily get their own phone numbers with their own individual porting identifier: QSC provides a complete, one-stop solution.

Compared with setting up your own voice network, Plusnet Virtual LEC significantly reduces initial outlay, and there is longer any need for investment in or service agreements for your own network technology. You no longer have to do the difficult negotiation for the key interconnection agreements (IC agreements) for facilitating communication with other networks. Additionally, there is no need for your own porting database, as the exchange of porting data can take place via QSC as the operator.

  • Hosting of the NGN porting identifier on QSC's NGN network
  • Exchange of porting data for the virtual LEC by QSC *
  • Accessibility from all networks
  • Assumption of responsibility for additional LEC services (optional)


  • No contractual relationships with Deutsche Telekom
  • No contracts of your own with other network operators
  • Faster entry to the NGN market as an LEC
  • Presence on the market as a stand-alone LEC with your own porting identifier
  • Receipt of a share of termination charges
  • Your own telephone numbers

* All rights and responsibilities arising from the allocation rules rest with the virtual LEC

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Many partners have aready placed their trust in QSC AG, including IT and telecommunications service providers, resellers, system vendors, systems integrators, service providers, and carriers.

There are many good reasons to place your trust in a partnership with QSC. This overview of satisfied QSC partners is intended as an aid in helping you decide to choose us. Why not take a look - you can then make up your own mind!

Three QSC sale partners provide their account of why QSC AG is a strong partner: TELETO, who sell QSC's MPLS structures; Amian & Witzel, who sell voice products and tengo centraflex; and our exclusive partner Nouvelle Com, who offer QSC products only.

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We offer IT and telecommunications service providers and system vendors premium products that meet the highest standards of quality and service demanded by your customers. QSC AG prefers to support small and medium-sized enterprises through its sales partners.

We offer resellers, system vendors, and systems integrators a modular range of different wholesale products for creating their own bespoke solutions to meet any customer requirement.

We offer national and international ISPs and carriers with their own network Internet access products, voice services, and data connections from a single provider.

This is where the global players in the telecommunications industry come together.

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