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QSC Gets New Sales and Marketing Head in BoM

Cologne, March 6, 2002 - Bernd Puschendorf, 51, has been appointed as member of the Board of Management of QSC AG responsible for sales and marketing... Read more

QSC appoints new press spokeswoman

Cologne, March 5, 2002 - Cologne-based QSC AG today announced the appointment of Claudia Zimmermann, 40, to head the newly-created Press &... Read more

QSC and Yahoo! Germany announce an agreement to provide Yahoo! DSL

Cologne/Munich, February 5, 2002. Cologne-based QSC AG and Yahoo! Germany announce an agreement to provide broadband Internet... Read more

Monika Görgens joins QSC as new head of Marketing

Cologne, 24 January 2002 - Monika Görgens is the new head of Marketing at QSC AG, Germany's professional provider of DSL broadband infrastructure and... Read more

German DSL market on the move: QSC signs line sharing agreement

Cologne, 20 December '01 - Cologne-based QSC AG, Germany's professional DSL provider, has concluded the first line sharing agreement with Deutsche... Read more