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QSC achieves innovation in video transmission

Cologne, 8 August 2002. QSC AG, a provider of professional DSL services in Germany, has developed a novel technology that enables films and other video material to be downloaded to PCs via DSL at a higher quality level than was hitherto possible. This innovative breakthrough means that video images now appear in DVD quality as full-screen pictures on the PC monitor, downloading takes a matter of seconds and image shake is a thing of the past. There is no loss of quality even when the service is being used intensively and simultaneously by large numbers of users.

The unprecedented high quality of video transmissions is made possible by the specific topology of the QSC network. The decentralised server structure featuring a dedicated video platform enables broadband transmission paths directly from the server to the PC terminal. Until now, DSL networks have always been hampered by "bottlenecks" when transmitting centrally stored content, especially when access loads on these servers increased.

Child's play operation

Operating this innovative video technology could hardly be easier thanks to the integration of special software. The menu appears on screen and can be activated by mouse click or remote control. "Any PC of today's standard can be used as a receiver", explains Frank Radeck, Head of the IT Media department at QSC and a key figure in the development of this new application platform. Depending on the required use, specific add-on features can be programmed. For example, user authorisations can be graded according to certain criteria, billing and payment systems can be installed, or an archiving system can be attached. The back-channel capabilities of the DSL-based solution enables data to be received and sent without difficulty.

"These features - alongside superb image quality - make our solution so interesting for our business customers", enthuses Bernd Schlobohm, CEO of QSC. He sees potential application areas not only in the film, TV and media industry, but also for internal corporate communication in large companies and the health system - e.g. for X-ray, ultrasound and NMR images. "As a solutions provider for broadband communication, we are offering our business customers an innovative platform for video applications of all kinds".

First customer will offer Video on Demand service

QSC has already acquired its first business customer for this service, namely MSH MediaServe GmbH, a Hamburg-based provider of video-on-demand services. MSH MediaServe is currently working with half a dozen video film sellers and is now marketing its films online to its customers under the Videogate label. One of the most important content partners is the Tele München Group, which contributed many choice films at the launch of Videogate, such as "Conan the Barbarian" and "The Relic". The films available for download are focus on family entertainment, movies, series, and hobby-related films (e.g. on hunting, fishing and outdoor themes).

"We are confident that QSC and MediaServe are two strategic partners with the ability to handle the complex technical and conceptual challenges involved in operating a good video-on-demand service, and who therefore live up to our expectations", comments Michael Ivert, who heads this project at Tele München Group.

A simple wireless bridge enables the video data to be transmitted straight to the TV set in the living room, obviating the need for cables while retaining all functions. "QSC was the only DSL provider in Germany with the capability of providing such a prestigious platform for our Videogate service", explains Torsten Dalitz, CEO of MediaServe, referring to his company's partnership with QSC.

From August onwards, MediaServe will be offering its service exclusively to private customers of QSC, who can select films from a wide range directly via the QSC network. Access is controlled with passwords and authorisation checks in accordance with FSK criteria. Prices for downloaded films range between two and five euros. Billing is performed online by MediaServe. Dalitz is convinced that "this is a very attractive offer".

"With this hitherto unique technical solution for video transmission via DSL, we are consistent with our strategy of developing innovative, high-quality services for businesses", explains Schlobohm, adding "we are pleased to have acquired MediaServe as the first customer for our innovative video platform. Negotiations with other interested parties are already being conducted. They all appreciate the special quality and security of our network technology".

QSC AG (QSC), a Cologne-based alternative DSL provider in Germany, offers broadband leased-line connections and innovative services of the highest quality to business and residential customers over normal telephone lines. The company's broadband network infrastructure now covers more than 40 of the largest cities in Germany, and can thus reach a quarter of the entire population. QSC currently employs a workforce of 300.

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