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QSC and Yahoo! Germany announce an agreement to provide Yahoo! DSL

Cologne/Munich, February 5, 2002. Cologne-based QSC AG and Yahoo! Germany announce an agreement to provide broadband Internet access through their joint service Yahoo! DSL. As from today, Internet users can order Yahoo! DSL very easily on dsl.yahoo.de, thus obtaining cutting-edge DSL Internet access, including a tariff flat-rate and a DSL modem. Yahoo! Germany has opted for the much-acclaimed Q-DSL broadband platform of by QSC, the quality infrastructure provider. QSC will profit from the well-established online community of the leading Internet media provider in Germany. The aim of this cooperation between QSC and Yahoo! Germany is to set new standards for performance, user-friendliness and range of applications available in the rapidly growing market for fast Internet access. Currently, Yahoo! DSL is provided by QSC on an exclusive basis.

"Our cooperation with Yahoo! Germany enables us to offer Internet users a product that meets every wish", says QSC CEO Dr. Bernd Schlobohm, commenting on the agreement.

Broadband Internet for All, with Yahoo! DSL
The broadband network infrastructure operated by QSC AG currently serves the 46 largest German cities with Yahoo! DSL. This is equivalent to 20 million potential users. Yahoo! DSL can be ordered quickly and easily on the Internet - on dsl.yahoo.de. Those interested will find registration details as well as extensive product information on special rates or service packages. As a rule, the DSL connection should be installed around 4 weeks after the user registers. With downstream speeds of up to 1024 kbit/s and upstream speeds of up to 256 kbit/s, Yahoo! DSL has one of the highest performances available on the German market for high-speed Internet access. Users of Yahoo! DSL can stay online 24 hours a day, since there is no automatic disconnection of the line. This saves the customer the annoyance of having to dial in, and the flat rate keeps traffic costs within clear limits. Extremely short ping times (as little as 15 milliseconds) are particularly attractive for dedicated online gamers.

About QSC

QSC AG (QSC) is a professional DSL provider in Germany. Based in Cologne, QSC is the largest private provider of DSL lines in Germany, with more than 27,000 lines sold to date. Since its establishment in 1996, QSC has carved out a leading position as an innovative DSL provider for business customers, and as a provider of premium-segment products to private customers. DSL uses the 'last mile' on the basis of unbundled network access, thus accelerating data transmission over normal copper lines to speeds several times greater than those commonly available today over normal subscriber lines. QSC offers business and residential customers with broadband leased lines to and from the Internet at bandwidths of up to 2.3 megabits per second. The company's broadband network currently covers the 46 largest German cities, thus reaching more than 20 million potential users. QSC has been listed on the Neuer Markt [QSC] exchange in Frankfurt and the Nasdaq in New York [QSCG] since April 2000. The IPO increased shareholder equity by more than EUR 280 million to more than EUR 420 million.

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