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QSC is main sponsor for ZDF's "iDay" show on November 15 - DSL prize packages will make "iDay" a year-long reality for winners

Cologne, November 14, 2001 - On ZDF, November 15 is the official "iDay" - a one-day TV-and-Web special on the marriage of interactive TV and permanent live Internet streams. QSC AG, Germany's professional DSL provider, is right behind the "Day of the Internet", and will be putting in a guest appearance at the "iDay" studio in Mainz. QSC is putting up 20 Q-DSL home Internet connections, valued at 30,000 deutschmarks, in prizes for the competitions run as part of iDay. Winners will receive a high-speed Internet connection for one year free of charge.

"The convergence of Internet and television is proceeding apace, so it's quite fitting that ZDF should be profiling this development on-air and online. And what better way to illustrate the point than to allow viewers to tune into the iDay show via TV or via the official iDay home page," says Peter Güldenberg, Head of Consumer Communications at QSC AG, referring to the one-day special run by Europe's biggest TV station. Mr Güldenberg will be appearing on the iDay show at 10.20 a.m., where he will explain the background and advantages of Q-DSL Internet connections. Viewers will have a chance of winning 20 Q-DSL packages in the ensuing online chat session. For the winners, QSC's Q-DSL home product will effectively turn the iDay experience into a year's worth of daily surfing fun. "For the lucky contestants, our broadband network will turn this single iDay into 365 iDays. They'll be able to surf the World Wide Web with connection speeds of up to 1024 Kbps downstream* and 256 Kbps upstream*", Güldenberg says.

The iDay show, which will be broadcast live on the Net (at www.iday.zdf.de) and parts of which will also be shown on ZDF's main TV channel on November 15, will be hosted by well-known ZDF moderators such as Babette Einstmann (Drehscheibe Deutschland), Norbert König and Kristin Otto (Sport), Michael Opoczynski (Wiso) and Petra Gerster (heute). Numerous invited guests from the worlds of business, music and drama will attend the ZDF "open day". Their appearances will be included in the iDay continuous live stream, and will be featured on Morgenmagazin, Mittagsmagazin, Drehscheibe Deutschland, Volle Kanne Susanne and Hallo Deutschland. At 12.15 a.m. there will be a one-hour best of summarising the highlights of the day.

*The actual transfer rate is dependent on the speed of the host servers.

Additional information on the "iDay" show is available online at www.iday.zdf.de

Background information:
QSC AG (QSC) is a professional DSL provider in Germany. This technology makes efficient use of the 'last mile' on the basis of unbundled network access, thus multiplying data traffic speeds by a factor of several times compared with standard subscriber connections. QSC offers its business and residential customers broadband 'always-on' connections to the Internet, with up and downstream data transfer rates beginning at 144 Kbps and going up to 2.3 Mbps. The company's broadband network covers the 40 largest cities in Germany and reaches more than 20 million potential users.

Since April 2000, QSC has been listed on the Neuer Markt [QSC] segment of the Frankfurt stock exchange and the New York Nasdaq [QSCG]. The company's IPO increased the equity capital by more than EUR 280 million to over EUR 420 million.

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