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Making digitalisation easy

Taking a commercial freezer as an example, our innovative showcase demonstrates how IoT technologies can be integrated into SAP and transformed into a business model. With SAP Leonardo, SAP delivers innovative technologies through the SAP Cloud Platform. These include machine learning, Internet of Things, blockchain, analytics and Big Data. QSC bundles these technologies into unique, intelligent end-to-end business processes for your enterprise.

Thorsten Raquet, Head of Retail & Innovation at QSC explains how easy digitalisation can be in this video.

The SAP Leonardo Showcase "Sensor meets Business"

  • 100% SAP Leonardo All SAP Leonardo functions come into use in the Showcase - complete coverage of the technology available today
  • The technologies behind it IoT services, machine learning, analytics, prediction through mobile and social media integration
  • Retrofit Installed into an "old" freezer via 11 sensors from the QSC subsidiary Q-loud GmbH
  • Gateway The data is transferred to the SAP Cloud Platform via the first "made by QSC" SAP Leonardo certified gateway
  • Customer requirements at the focus Cross-industry scenarios can be derived from this showcase and converted directly to customer requirements
  • From the vision to the solution The next step toward the "Intelligent Enterprise" with the features from this Showcase
SAP Leonado Showcase Hardware
Intelligent linking of hardware and service

The digital twin as the basis for new business processes

We show the freezer's digital twin on the QSC-IoT dashboard, and have instant access to all real-time data and information. Defined events can be used to trigger actions such as the automated reordering of products and automated planning of inspections, notification of staff as soon as an "unwanted action" occurs (lid is left open too long, energy or temperature fluctuations are detected, etc.)



SAP Analytics Cloud Dashboard

The integration of SAP Analytics Cloud delivers full control over sales and transactions. This allows users to react directly to market requirements and automatically plan and perform marketing and sales measures. SAP Machine Learning enables the identification of requirements far ahead in the future, which allows for a considerable information gain for Disposition.

All transactions are available in real time in S/4HANA and can be evaluated over the customisable SAP Analytics Cloud Dashboard.

Social media integration – React to customers in real time

In the main, the shop counter has long since been replaced by social media platforms. Our showcase uses machine learning applications to intelligently integrate social media activities by customers into future sales activities. Default hashtags, for example, can be used to recognise product images and generate automatic tweets and postings. Twitter is used in our Showcase in conjunction with the following hashtags: #QSCsap #icecream

Further information about our QSC Customer Social Media Interaction SAP-certified tool can be found here.

Your path to the digital enterprise: SAP Leonardo Services from QSC and IoT expertise from Q-Loud

Although the technologies presented provide companies with tools for digitalisation, they are not automatically "intelligent" when they use SAP Leonardo alone. This is exactly where the expertise from QSC comes in. We answer the question concerning which technology should be used for what, and whether it is the right solution for your individual customer processes.

Our services include:

  • Design thinking workshops
  • Prototyping
  • Proof-of-concept
  • Creation of the sensor system
  • Delivery and connection of these components
  • Provision of the necessary hardware and licenses
  • Integration of the system landscape
  • Cloud operation for applications and solutions
  • Maintenance and monitoring

Plan your path with us. Benefit from our consultants' experience in a variety of successful use cases from a wide variety of application areas.

Do you have any questions about our Showcase? Would you like to know more about the technologies and innovations behind it?

We will be delighted to discuss your individual scenarios with you and answer your questions. Simply get in touch – we're looking forward to hearing from you.

Further information:

  • SAP Services & Consulting (QSC website)
  • #QSCsap (QSC employees tweet about SAP and SAP services from QSC)

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